Is Your Pastor or Priest a Man of Action? Check Out Pastor Stephen Grant in Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel by Ray Keating

Grillin’ with the Monks?

The gray-robed monks in the St. Ambrose Retreat House on Long Island’s Gold Coast have become well known for their barbecuing prowess. They have written a book on barbecuing, host their own weekly BBQ television show, and offer their own line of barbecuing tools and utensils. For fundraisers, parties and other special events, having an event at St. Ambrose, hosted by Grillin’ with the Monks, has become a very fashionable thing to do.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Big Sale on Signed Books with REAGAN COUNTRY: A PASTOR STEPHEN GRANT NOVEL Coming Soon!

BIG SALE ON SIGNED BOOKS! With the next Pastor Stephen Grant novel – REAGAN COUNTRY – coming soon, now is the time to catch up on all seven of Ray Keating’s current thrillers/mysteries. Save on signed books right now!

Keating’s Stephen Grant was a Navy SEAL and a CIA operative. He’s now a Lutheran pastor. 

The Lutheran Book Review has declared, “I miss Tom Clancy. Keating fills that void for me.”

Kirkus Reviews has given Keating’s books big thumbs up, including…

On LIONHEARTS: “In this seventh entry of a series, terrorists attacking Christians in the United States must contend with the proficient recurring protagonist armed with Scripture and a Glock… By now, fans of Keating’s thriller series will anticipate skillfully drawn characters. Grant, for one, is a considerate husband and unquestionably capable in action… The narrative’s swift momentum is retained even during profound moments, like a scene in which terrorists debate their cause after murdering two men that’s intercut with clergymen reciting biblical passages.”

On WINE INTO WATER: “A first-rate mystery makes this a series standout…”

On MURDERER’S ROW: “Action fans will find plenty to love here, from gunfights and murder sprees to moral dilemmas.”

On THE RIVER: “A gritty, action-stuffed, well-considered thriller with a gun-toting clergyman.” 

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