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Grillin’ with the Monks?

The gray-robed monks in the St. Ambrose Retreat House on Long Island’s Gold Coast have become well known for their barbecuing prowess. They have written a book on barbecuing, host their own weekly BBQ television show, and offer their own line of barbecuing tools and utensils. For fundraisers, parties and other special events, having an event at St. Ambrose, hosted by Grillin’ with the Monks, has become a very fashionable thing to do.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Government vs. Enterprising Monks

In Warrior Monk: A Pastor Stephen Grant Novel, the group known as Grillin' with the Monks is headquartered at St. Ambrose Retreat House on Long Island's Gold Coast. These monks know barbecuing.

But there's a real-life group of enterprising monks at the Saint Joseph Abbey in Louisiana who have gone into the casket-making business to support themselves. Unfortunately, the funeral industry doesn't like competition, and it's using the government to stop the monks and their Saint Joseph Woodworks casket effort.

By the way, Jesus was a carpenter, right?

The Institute for Justice has taken up the monks' cause in court.

Read all about this sinful tale of government abuse here.