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Grillin’ with the Monks?

The gray-robed monks in the St. Ambrose Retreat House on Long Island’s Gold Coast have become well known for their barbecuing prowess. They have written a book on barbecuing, host their own weekly BBQ television show, and offer their own line of barbecuing tools and utensils. For fundraisers, parties and other special events, having an event at St. Ambrose, hosted by Grillin’ with the Monks, has become a very fashionable thing to do.

Friday, September 24, 2010

From Grillin' with the Monks: Patron Saint of BBQ

Who is the patron saint of barbecuing?

“St. Lawrence Day, August 10, is celebrated by those who consider the second century martyr to be the patron saint of barbecue. Lawrence, who was killed for disobeying (and, while he was at it, thumbing his nose at) the Roman authorities, was said to have been roasted on a spit (although some Church scholars now believe he was beheaded) and to have said at some point during the roasting: ‘Turn me over, I’m done on this side.’ His symbol, in religious iconography, is a latticed metal grate or gridiron.” (From “Let’s talk barbecue,” Marialisa Calta,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Grillin' with the Monks in Warrior Monk by Ray Keating...

"Monks with taxpayer-funded WiFi and a cable cooking show. Can’t make this stuff up..."

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